This web site is being maintained by John R. Barnes, who was the President and Chief Engineer of dBi Corporation from 2002 to September 30, 2013, when we closed because ObamaCrap made it too expensive for us to remain in business.

December 21, 2010

John R. Barnes KS4GL, PE, NCE, NCT, ESDC Eng, ESDC Tech, PSE, Master EMC Design Engineer, SM IEEE
216 Hillsboro Avenue
Lexington, KY 40511-2105

Oscar Overton, Jr., Product Safety Engineer
Lexmark International E57A/005-1
740 West New Circle Rd
Lexington, KY 40550

This web page lists the nominal voltages and frequencies, power plugs, and languages used in residences and commercial sites in some 200 countries worldwide. It includes drawings of the plugs with their official designations, and with the letter designation(s) used in Electric Current Abroad-- the basic source of many similar lists found in catalogs and on the Internet. This web page summarizes over 28,100 pieces of information gleaned from 60 governmental and commercial documents. The list of sources and the authors' full database is available at internat.htm, which covers close to 300 countries.

To be used worldwide, a power supply should operate on 90-265V 47-63Hz power and have either an IEC 320 Sheet C14 (takes plug 15) or an IEC 320 Sheet C8 (takes plug 50) appliance inlet.

To be used in low-voltage countries, a power supply should operate on 90-140V 47-63Hz power, be of double-insulated construction, and have/take a plug 1 linecord.

Country Voltage/Frequency Plugs Language
Abu Dhabi 240V 50Hz 23 English
Afghanistan 220V 50Hz 16,18,22 English
Albania 220V 50Hz 16,18 Albanian
Algeria 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
American Samoa 120V 60Hz 1,4,6 English
Andorra 220V 50Hz 16,18 Spanish
Angola 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Anguilla 230V 50Hz 23 English
Antigua & Barbuda 230V 60Hz 23 English
Argentina 220V 50Hz 6 Spanish
Armenia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Armenian
Aruba 127V 60Hz 1,4 English
Australia 240V 50Hz 6 English
Austria 220V 50Hz 16,18 German
Azerbaijan 220V 50Hz 16,18 Azeri
Azores 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Bahamas 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Bahrain 230V 50Hz 23 English
Balearic Islands 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Bangladesh 230V 50Hz 16,22 English
Barbados 115V 50Hz 1,4 English
Belarus 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Belgium 220V 50Hz 16,18 French, Flemish
Belize 110V 60Hz 1,4 English
Benin 220V 50Hz 22 French
Bermuda 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Bolivia 110V 50Hz 1,4 Spanish
Bosnia-Herzegovina 220V 50Hz 16,18 Serbo-Croatian
Botswana 231V 50Hz 22,23 English
Brazil 127V 60Hz,
220V 60Hz
1,4,16,18 Portuguese
Brunei 240V 50Hz 23 English
Bulgaria 220V 50Hz 16,18 German
Burkina Faso 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Burundi 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Cambodia 120V 50Hz,
220V 50Hz
1,4,16,18 French
Cameroon 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Canada 120V 60Hz 1,4 English,French
Canary Islands 220V 50Hz 16,18 Spanish
Cape Verde 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Cayman Islands 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Central African Republic 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Chad 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Channel Islands 240V 50Hz 23 English
Chile 220V 50Hz 16,25 Spanish
China (Peoples Republic of China) 220V 50Hz 6 Chinese
Christmas Island 240V 50Hz 6 English
CIS 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Cocos Island 240V 50Hz 6 English
Columbia 110V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Comoros 220V 50z 16,18 French
Congo 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Cook Island 240V 50Hz 6 English
Costa Rica 120V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Cote d'Ivoire 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Croatia 230V 50Hz 16,18 Serbo-Croatian
Cuba 115V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Cyprus 240V 50Hz 23 English
Czech Republic 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
Dahomey 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Democratic Republic of Congo 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Denmark 220V 50Hz 16,19 Danish
Djibouti 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Dominica 230V 50Hz 23 English
Dominican Republic 110V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Dubai 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
Ecuador 120V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Egypt 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
El Salvador 115V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Equatorial Guinea 220V (150-175V) 50Hz 16,18 Spanish
Eritrea 220V 50Hz 16,18 Arabic
Estonia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Ethiopia 220V 50Hz 16,18,25 English
Falkland Islands 230V 50Hz 23 English
Fiji 240V 50Hz 6 English
Finland 230V 50Hz 16,18 Finnish
France 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
French Guiana 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Gabon 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Gambia 220V 50Hz 23 English
Georgia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Germany 220V 50Hz 16,18 German
Ghana 220V 50Hz 22,23 English
Gibraltar 240V 50Hz 23 English
Gilbert Islands 220V 50Hz 6 ?
Greece 220V 50Hz 16,18 Greek
Greenland 220V 50Hz 16,18,19 Danish
Grenada 230V 50Hz 23 English
Grenadines 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Guadeloupe 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Guam 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Guatemala 120V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Guinea 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Guinea-Bissau 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Guyana 110V 60Hz 1,4 English
Haiti 110V 60Hz 1,4 French
Honduras 110V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Hong Kong 200V 50Hz 23 English
Hungary 220V 50Hz 16,18 German
Iceland 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
India 230V 50Hz 22,23 English
Indonesia 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
Iran 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
Iraq 220V 50Hz 23 English
Ireland 220V 50Hz 23 English
Isle of Man 240V 50Hz 23 English
Israel 230V 50Hz 32 English
Italy 220V 50Hz 25 Italian
Jamaica 110V 50Hz 1,4 English
Japan 100V 50Hz,
100V 60Hz
1,4 English,Japanese
Jerusalem 220V 50Hz 22 English
Jordan 220V 50Hz 16,18,23 English
Kazakhstan 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Kenya 240V 50Hz 23 English
Kuwait 240V 50Hz 23 English
Kyrgyzstan 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Laos 220V 50Hz 1,4,16,18 French
Latvia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Lebanon 110V 50Hz,
220V 50Hz
1,4,16,23 English
Lesotho 220V 50Hz 22 English
Liberia 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Libya 230V 50Hz 25 English
Liechtenstein 220V 50Hz 24 German
Lithuania 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Luxembourg 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Macao 220V 50Hz 22 Portuguese
Macedonia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Macedonian
Madagascar 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Madeira 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Majorca Island 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Malagasy 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Malawi 230V 50Hz 23 English
Malaysia 240V 50Hz 23 English
Maldives 230V 50Hz 22 English
Mali 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Malta 240V 50Hz 23 English
Martinique 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Mauritania 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Mauritius 230V 50Hz 23 English
Mexico 127V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Miquelon 115V 60Hz 1,4 French
Moldava 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Monaco 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Mongolia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Mongolian
Montenegro 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Montserrat 230V 60Hz 23 English
Morocco 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Mozambique 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Myanmar 230V 50Hz 22,23 English
Namibia 220V 50Hz 22 English
Nepal 220V 50Hz 22 English
Netherlands 220V 50Hz 16,18 Dutch
Netherlands Antilles 220V 50Hz 16,18 Dutch
New Caledonia 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
New Guinea 220V 50Hz 6 English
New Hebrides 220V 50Hz 6 ?
New Zealand 230V 50Hz 6 English
Nicaragua 120V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Niger 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Nigeria 230V 50Hz 22,23 English
Norfolk Island 240V 50Hz 6 English
North Korea 220V 60Hz 16,18 Korean
North Mariana Island 115V 60Hz 1,4 English
Norway 230V 50Hz 16,18 Norwegian
Okinawa 100V 60Hz,
120V 60Hz
1,4 ?
Oman 240V 50Hz 23 English
Pakistan 230V 50Hz 22 English
Panama 110V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Papua New Guinea 240V 50Hz 6 English
Paraguay 220V 50Hz 16,18 Spanish
Peru 220V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Philippines 110V 60Hz 1,4 English
Pitcairn Island 240V 50Hz 22 English
Poland 220V 50Hz 16,18 Polish
Polynesia 220V 50Hz 6 ?
Portugal 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Puerto Rico 120V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Qatar 240V 50Hz 22,23 English
Romania 220V 50Hz 16,18 German
Russia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Rwanda 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Saint Kitts-Nevis 230V 60Hz 23 English
Saint Lucia 240V 50Hz 23 English
Saint Pierre 115V 60Hz 1,4 French
Saint Vincent 230V 50Hz 23 English
San Marino 220V 50Hz 16,18 Italian
Sao Tome & Principe 220V 50Hz 16,18 Portuguese
Saudi Arabia 127V 60Hz 1,4 English
Senegal 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Serbia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Serbo-Croatian
Seychelles 240V 50Hz 22,23 English
Sierra Leone 230V 50Hz 22,23 English
Singapore 230V 50Hz 23 English
Slovakia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Slovak
Slovak Republic 230V 50Hz 18 Slovak
Slovenia 220V 50Hz 16,18 Slovenian
Solomon Islands 240V 50Hz 6 English
Somalia 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
South Africa 220V 50Hz 22 English
South Korea 220V 60Hz 16,18 English
Spain 220V 50Hz 16,18 Spanish
Sri Lanka 230V 50Hz 22 English
Sudan 240V 50Hz 23 English
Suriname 127V 60Hz 1,4 Dutch
Svalbard 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Swaziland 230V 50Hz 22 English
Sweden 220V 50Hz 16,18 Swedish
Switzerland 220V 50Hz 16,24 French,German,Italian
Syria 220V 50Hz 16,18 English
Tahiti 127V 60Hz 1,4 French
Taiwan 110V 60Hz 1,4 English
Tajikistan 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Tanzania 230V 50Hz 22,23 English
Thailand 220V 50Hz 1,4 English
Tibet 220V 50Hz 16,18 ?
Togo 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Tonga 240V 50Hz 6 English
Trinidad & Tobago 115V 60Hz,
230V 60Hz
1,4,23 English
Tunisia 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Turkey 220V 50Hz 16,18 Turkish
Turkmenistan 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Turks & Caicos Islands 110V 60Hz 1,4 English
Tuvalu 220V 50Hz 6 English
Uganda 240V 50Hz 23 English
Ukraine 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
United Arab Emirates 220V 50Hz 22,23 English
United Kingdom 240V 50Hz 23 English
United States 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Upper Volta 220V 50Hz 16,18 French
Uruguay 220V 50Hz 16,18,25 Spanish
Uzbekistan 220V 50Hz 16,18 Russian
Venezuela 120V 60Hz 1,4 Spanish
Vietnam 127V 50Hz,
220V 50Hz
1,4,16,18 Vietnamese
Virgin Islands 120V 60Hz 1,4 English
Western Samoa 230V 50Hz 6 English
Yeman (Aden) 230V 50Hz 22,23 English
Yeman Arab Republic 220V 50Hz 22,23 English
Yugoslavia 220V 50Hz 16,18 German
Zambia 220V 50Hz 22,23 English
Zimbabwe 220V 50Hz 22,23 English

plug 1
Plug 1 = ECA A
NEMA WD-1 1-15P
plug 4
Plug 4 = ECA B
NEMA WD-1 5-15P
plug 6
Plug 6 = ECA I
AS 3112-1964,
NZS 198
plug 15
Plug 15
CEE 22 Sht V,
IEC 320 Sht C13
plug 16
Plug 16 = ECA C
CEE7 XVI(2) Europlug,
plug 18
Plug 18 = ECA E or F
CEE7 VII Schuko
plug 19
Plug 19 = ECA K
plug 22
Plug 22 = ECA D
SABS 164,
BS 546
plug 23
Plug 23 = ECA G
BS 1363
plug 24
Plug 24 = ECA J
SEV S24507
plug 25
Plug 25 = ECA L
CEI 23-16
plug 32
Plug 32 = ECA H
plug 50
Plug 50
IEC 320 Sht C7

dBi Corporation was a one-man test house (testing laboratory) based in Lexington, Kentucky, testing a wide variety of commercial electronic products for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electrostatic discharge (ESD) under its ISO 17025 accreditation. dBi was founded in Winchester, Kentucky in 1995 by Donald R. Bush, shortly after he retired from 30 years service with IBM Lexington's/ Lexmark's EMC Lab. John R. Barnes, who'd worked with Don at IBM Lexington and Lexmark, bought dBi in 2002 after Don's death, and moved the company to Lexington, Kentucky. John closed dBi at 11:59pm EDT on September 30, 2013, because ObamaCrap had increased operating expenses to the point that we could no longer afford to remain in business.

We'd like to thank all of the clients who chose dBi to test their products from 1995 to 2013. Below is a brief summary of our accomplishments during the 18 years we were in business.

From 1995 to 2001, under Don Bush's ownership and operation, dBi:

From 2002 to 2013, under John Barnes' ownership and operation, dBi:

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