October 13, 2013

John R. Barnes KS4GL, PE, NCE, NCT, ESDC Eng, ESDC Tech, PSE, Master EMC Design Engineer, SM IEEE
216 Hillsboro Avenue
Lexington, KY 40511-2105
(859)253-1178 phone


From 1973 to 2002 was directly involved in developing 116+ state-of-the-art electronic products. 57 of the 63 products for which I developed hardware, firmware, and/or software went into mass production. Did the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing of 32 of these products during product development. My last four designs were controller cards equivalent to personal computer (PC) motherboards with clock speeds up to 1.40GHz, with embedded Ethernet and video adapters. Developed 51 testers, and helped debug 52 more testers designed by other test engineers, putting another 59+ products into mass production. Developed 21 sets of design guidelines, 5 development tools, and 19 sets of software to aid product development at Sycor, IBM, and Lexmark.

From 2002 to 2013 did the ISO 17025-accredited EMC/EMI/ESD approval testing of 389 products and 2 testers. Got all but 5 of these to meet all of the applicable FCC, Industry Canada (IC), CE Marking, C- Tick, and Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) standards and requirements for sale in the desired markets. EMC/EMI/ESD tested 65 products during product development, greatly speeding up their official approval tests.


EMC/EMI/ESD testing, along with modifying products to meet the applicable standards. System architecture, hardware design/development, firmware/software development, controller design, network interface design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, power supplies, product safety, design for manufacturing/ test/repair/servicing/EMC/EMI/ESD-immunity, thermal, cables, documentation, process development, development/manufacturing/test support.

Professional Engineer (PE) licensed to practice electrical engineering in Kentucky. iNARTE-certified Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer (NCE). iNARTE-certified Electromagnetic Compatibility Technician (NCT). iNARTE-certified Electrostatic Discharge Control Engineer (ESDC Eng.). iNARTE- certified Electrostatic Discharge Control Technician (ESDC Tech). iNARTE-certified Product Safety Engineer (PSE). iNARTE-Certified Master EMC Design Engineer.

Three books-Electronic System Design: Interference and Noise Control Techniques (English-Prentice Hall, 1987, Russian-Mir, 1990); and Robust Electronic Design Reference Book, Volumes 1 and 2 (English-Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004). Two magazine articles: "Designing Electronic Equipment for ESD Immunity" (Printed Circuit Design magazine, July 2001); and "Designing Electronic Systems for ESD Immunity" (Conformity, February 2003). Four IBM Technical Reports. 21 IBM and Lexmark design guidelines on testability, test coverage, design for manufacturing/ test/ repair/ service, product debug/ qualification, design for international power/ safety/ EMC/ EMI/ ESD-immunity, PCB layout, power distribution/ bypassing, and signal integrity.

Designing electronic equipment and products that work-and meet national and international requirements-within budget and tight development deadlines. 53 years experience (40 years in industry) designing/building electronic equipment and products. 46 years experience programming computers in over 27 computer languages. 40 years experience programming/testing/designing around 33 types of microprocessors and microcontrollers.


Divisional Technical Achievement award from the ARRL. Took 3rd place in the 2002 Mentor Graphics Technology Leadership Awards. One Lexmark Make It Happen Vision Award. Two IBM Information Products Outstanding Contribution Awards. One IBM Cost Effectiveness Award. One Distinguished Achievement Award from University of Michigan.


February 2002 to September 2013: President and Chief Engineer of dBi Corporation.

December 2001 to December 2011: President of Robust Electronic Design, Inc.

September 1990 to January 2002: Advisory/Specialist Engineer in Digital Office/Network Hardware Development, at IBM and Lexmark International.

April 1977 to September 1990: Senior Associate/Staff/Advisory Engineer in Test Engineering, at IBM.

January 1973 to April 1977: Firmware Engineer in Product Development, at Sycor.


M.S.E.(Computers, Information and Control Engineering), University of Michigan, 1972. B.S.E.(Electrical Engineering), University of Michigan, 1971. B.S.(Applied Mathematics), University of Michigan, 1971. Have taken 216 Technical Education and Voluntary Education courses at IBM and Lexmark.


Senior Member of IEEE (SM IEEE). Director and Librarian of the Central Kentucky Inventors Council. Also a member of iNARTE and the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA).


Researching lead-free electronics, power distribution networks (PDN's) on printed circuit boards, and designing products to be immune to ESD. Building autonomous robots, writing technical books and magazine articles; creating web pages; computers; designing/building antennas; digital photography; electronics; ham radio (callsign KS4GL); photography; reading (average of 200 books and 400 magazines per year); woodworking; and building musical instruments. LocSec, Publisher, Webmaster, Recruitment Chairman, Proctor Coordinator, and Proctor for Bluegrass Mensa. Librarian of Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society. Have also been President, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, and Newsletter Editor for various clubs.