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This web site is being maintained by John R. Barnes, who was the President and Chief Engineer of dBi Corporation from 2002 to September 30, 2013, when we closed because ObamaCrap made it too expensive for us to remain in business.

John R. Barnes KS4GL, PE, NCE, NCT, ESDC Eng, ESDC Tech, PSE, Master EMC Design Engineer, SM IEEE
December 19, 2010



Lexmark = Lexmark International, Kentucky
OSU = Ohio State University, Ohio
UC = University of Cincinnati, Ohio
UK = University of Kentucky, Kentucky
UL = University of Louisville, Kentucky
UM = University of Michigan, Michigan
UNC = University of North Carolina at Charlotte
UT = University of Tennessee, Tennessee

Advanced Packaging
* Lakshminarayanan, Venkataraman: Minimize ESD-induced failures , Advanced Packaging, August 1999 p 36-39

Aerospace Sciences Meeting
* "Spacecraft Charging-- an Update" Jan 1996 Reno, NV 34th

Aerovox Research Worker
(UM TK6540.A25 (Buhr))

Air Traffic Technology International '99
* Smith 1999 "Electrostatic Discharges Internal to Chairs,..."

American Ceramic Society Bulletin 46-99
(UK TP785.A63, UL TP785.A63, UM TP785.A5b, UNC TP785.A63)

Analog Dialog

Annual Electronic Packaging Conference
(UM TK5.I52, UM TK7870.E4215 (Buhr), UT TK7870.E542)

Annual International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing 74-99
(OSU QA76.5I5922, UK QA76.I65, UM TK5.I12, UNC QA76.5.I58)
* Connet June 1972 p 94-99

Annual Proceedings Reliability Physics 72-00,02
(OSU TS173.R4, UC TK7870.R43, UK TK7870.S98, UM TK5.I12, UT Main TK7870.I578)


Applied Physics Letters
(OSU QC1A626, UK C/P QC1.A74, UL oversize books QC1.J832, UM QC1.A658, UNC QC1.A74)

AT&T Technical Journal 84-96
(OSU TK1.B423, UK TK1.B425, UL TK1.B425, UM TK1.B435, UNC TK1.B425)

Bell System Technical Journal 22-83
(UK TK1.B425, UL TK1.B425, UM TK1.B435, UNC TK1.B425)

CIGRE Symposium Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility
* Pommerenke 1993

Commercial Wireless Systems

Communication Systems Design
(UNC TK5101.A1)

Communications of the ACM
(OSU QA76A1A78, UK QA76.A772, UL QA76.A772, UM QA76.A1 A82, UNC QA76.A772)

Compliance Engineering

(OSU TK7885A1I52, UL TK7885.A1I5, UM TK7885.A1C75, UNC TK7885.A1C6)

Computer Design
(OSU TK7888.3A1C6, UL TK7888.3.C65, UM TK7885.A1 C74, UNC TK7888.3.C65)

Computer/Electronic Service News

Computer Journal 81-00
(OSU QA76A1C58, UK QA76.C57, UL QA76.C57, UM QA76.A1 C73, UNC QA76.C57)

Conference Record-- IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Soc.) 68-99
(OSU TK5.I19, UC TK4015.I5, UK TK5.I2, UM TK5.I12, UT Main TK5-I58)


Critical Reviews in Solid State Sciences
(OSU QC176A1C4, UK C/P QC176.A1C453, UL QC176.A1C453, UM QC176.A1C52)

DATA Storage


Desktop Engineering

Digest of Technical Papers- Symposium on VLSI Technology 81-93,95-00,02
(UK Eng TK7874.S956)

Digest of Technical Papers- Symposium on VLSI Circuits 90-93,95-01
(UK Eng TK7874.S958)

Digital Communications Design Conference

Digital Communications System Design Conference

Douglas Service
* Frank, D. E., "Electrostatic Discharge... Nemesis of Electronic Systems," July/Aug. 1980


EDN 71-02
(UL TK1.E266, UNC TK1.E266)

EDN Products Edition

Electrical Components Technology Conference

Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge Symposium Proceedings 79-87, ,89-02
(UM TK5.I12 2nd floor has 95-00)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC Symposium) 75-01
(dBi, UK TK6553.S940 75,77)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Technical Reports (IEICE EMCJ) Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (Japan)
* Katsura & Kaji EMCJ81-21 1981
* Honda, M., and Takeyoshi, K., "ESD Characteristics and Their Effects on Computers," Electromagnetic Com. J., vol. 83 no. 209, pp. 25-30, Dec. 1983;
* Honda vol. 83 no. 292, pp. 13-17, Mar. 1984;
* vol. 85 no. 86, pp. 39-42, July 1985;
* vol. 86 no.107, pp 17-22, July 1986.
* Honda v 86 p 33-38 Jan 1987
* Honda v 88 no 5 p 1-4 1988
* Higuchi EMCJ89-6 1989
* Tomita EMCJ89-70 1989
* Masugi v 90-55 p 83-89 Oct 1990
* Honda v 91 p 29-33 Dec 1991
* Yokoshima v 93 p 13-18 Oct 1993

Electromagnetic Environments and Consequences, Proc. European Electromagnetic International Symp
* Inzoli "Electrostatic discharges on spacecraft: the genesis, risk and protection," May 30-June 3, 1994, pp. 23-35.

Electromagnetic News Report

Electronic Component & Technology Conference 67,73-00,02
(UC TK7801.A5, UK TK7801.A5, UM TK5.I12)

Electronic Component Conference 67,73-02
(UC TK7801.A5, UK TK7801.A5, UM TK5.I12)

Electronic Design, Electronic Design Analog Applications Supplement 69-02
(OSU TK7800E37, UK TK7800.E437, UL TK7800.E37, UM TK7869.E38, UNC TK7800.E437)

Electronic Engineering (London)
(OSU TK6630A1E3, UM TK1.E47, UNC TK7800.E4x)

Electronic Engineering Times
(UNC TK7800.E4376)

Electronic Equipment News
* Holland March 1976 pp. 20-21

Electronic Interconnect Conference

Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic Packaging & Production

Electronic Products
(UC TK7870.E45)

(OSU QC1E38, UK QC544.V3A3, UL TK7800.E4384, UM TK1.E48, UNC TK7800.E4384)

Electronics Letters
(UM TK7815.A1E435)

Electronics Test

Electrostatic Damage to Electronics Conference Proc
* Jones Apr 1990

Electrostatic Products
* Bogar, J. and Sterling, D., "Minimize EMI in Your Computer Design," -1Electrostatic Products-0, pp. 105-111, Jan. 1984.

(UK S-34, UL TK1.E362, UM TK1.E372)

Embedded Systems Programming
(UNC QA76.6)


EMC EXPO Symposium Record 86,88
* Boxleitner, 1989, "Designing and Testing for ESD Immunity Based on Actual Equipment Use Criteria," -1EMC EXPO Symposium Record-0, Washington, D.C., Aug. 1-3, 1989, pp. B3.15-B3.22 Keytek AN 175
* Boxleitner, 1989, "Frequency of Occurance of ESD to Information Processing Equipment," -1EMC EXPO Symposium Record-0, Washington, D.C., Aug. 1-3, 1989, pp. C1.26-C1.30 Keytek AN 176
* Duff, 1989, "Grounding for the Control of EMI," p. A6.1-A6.15
* Greason, 1989, "Theoretical Principles of Electrostatic Discharge" p B3.1-B3.8
* Hutchins 1989 "ESD Protection Using Discrete Semiconductor Products," p B3.23-B3.29
* Mardiguian 1989 p A2.1-A2.16 "An Introduction to ESD"
* Moehr 1989 p B3.9-B3.14 "How to Compare the Old and New ESD Test Method"
* Violette 1989 p A3.1-A3.23 "An Introduction to the Design of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) With High Speed Digital and High Frequency System Performance Considerations"

EMC Technology 82-92

EMC Technology and Interference Control News 82-92

EMC Test and Design 91-95 sporadic
* Pepe Jan/Feb 1991 p 35-31
* Cronin Jan 1993

EOS/ESD Technology mid 90 to mid 93
* Pierce Feb/Mar 1988

Ericsson Review
(UK TK1.E68)

ESA Journal

ESD Forum

ESD Journal

European Conference on Optical Communications Proceedings
* Kakimoto 1982 p 124-128

European ESD Symposium Proc
* Honda v 2 p 1-10 Feb 1993

Evaluation Engineering
(UM TA168.A1 E92)

Hewlett-Packard Journal

High-Performance System Design Conference

High-Speed Digital Design On-Line Newsletter

I & CS (Instrumentation & Control Systems)
(OSU TA165A1I522, UL TA165.A2)

IBM Journal of Research and Development
(UM Q1.I12, UNC TK7800.I14)

IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin
(OSU TK7800I16, UK QA76.5I150, UL QA76.8.I101I48, UM TK7800.I15)

IDEMA ESD Symposium Proceedings
* A. Wallash and Y.K. Kim, "Standard ESD Testing of AMR and GMR Recording Heads, IDEMA ESD Symp. Proc., May 22, 1997.
* Chung Lam, "Magnetic Characterization of ESD Damage to MR Heads", Proc. IDEMA ESD Symp., May 22, 1997.
* A. Wallash, "101 Ways to ZAP MR and GMR Heads", in Understanding ESD and EMI Issues in Magnetic Recording (IDEMA, Sunnyvale, CA, May 22, 1997), p. 101.
* Honda May 22, 1997, "Impulsive Electromagnetic Fields due to Metal-Metal..."
* T. Cheung, "CDM Testing of MR Heads", in Understanding ESD and EMI Issues in Magnetic Recording (IDEMA, Sunnyvale, CA, May 22, 1997).
* G. Kimball, "Safe MR resistance measurements", in Understanding ESD and EMI Issues in Magnetic Recording, IDEMA, Sunnyvale, CA, May 22, 1997, pp. 89-100.

IEE Colloquium on "Electromagnetic Hazards to Active Electronic Components"

IEE Colloquium on ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) and ESD Counter Measures
* Ziman Digest 1995/061 Mar 1995 5/1-5/6

IEE Colloquium on Surges, Transients and EMC (ref no 1998/184)
* Mason, 6/1-6/9
* Turner, 2/1-2/9 not applicable

IEE International Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility
(OSU TK5.I4.no362)

IEE Proceedings 49-79
(OSU TK1I53 & subsections, UK TK1.I4, UL TK1.I4, UM Z5833.I57, UNC Z5833.I547)

IEE Seminar on the 'Hows' and 'Whys' of EMC Design

IEEE Conference Record of Annual Meeting of the IEEE Industry and General Applications Group
(UM TK5.I12)

IEEE Electrical Performance of Electrical Packaging Conference
(UC TK7870.15.E382 1994)

IEEE International Convention Digest 68-?
(OSU TK6541.I5, UK TK6540.I445)

IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Symposium Record 66-02
(dBi, UM TK5.I12)

IEEE Electron Device Letters 80-93
(UK Eng TK 7869.E4)

IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 94-97,00
(OSU TK7869I43, UM TK5.I12)

IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 80-93,95-02
(OSU TK7870.I58, UK TK7870.I58)

IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems Proceedings 80-93, ,95-02
(UK Eng TK454.2.I22a)

IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility 66-02
(dBi, OSU TK6653.E43, UK TK6553.I12, UM TK5.I12)

IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 80-96
(OSU TK3226A1I2, UK TK7871.85.I23, UL TK7871.85.I23, UM TK7870.I1118, UNC TK7867.I2)

IEEE National Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility Symposium Record
(UM TK5.I12)

IEEE Power Engineering Society
(OSU TK5I351, OSU TK5I2, UK TK5.I25, UK TK5.I252, UK TK5.I34, UL TK1001.I235, UM TK5.I12)
* Dang 1985 paper 362-9
* Martzloff Summer 1985
* Mukae 1987 paper 219-9
* Feser paper 88 1988 Winter

IEEE Spectrum 64-02
(OSU TK1I22, UK TK1.I15, UL TK1.I5, UM TK1.I12, UNC TK1.I15)

IEEE Standards Collection, surge protection, C62 1995 ed.

IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging
(OSU TK7870.A1I2723, UC TK7869.I184, UK TK1.I5340, UM TK 5700.I58cpnb,
UT TK7800.I54)

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 55-02
(OSU TK7800I2, UK TK7800.I2, UL TK7800.I2, UM TK5700.I58an, UNC TK7800.I2)

IEEE Transactions on Circuits & Systems
(UK TK3226.I17)

IEEE Transactions on Components, Hybrids, and Manufacturing Technology 78-?
(OSU TK7870A1I2722, UC TK7869.I18, UK TK1.I530, UM TK5700.I58cpn, UNC TK7869.I18, UT TK7800.I54)

IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Techniques 1978-1993, Part A 1994-1998, Part B 1994-1999, Part C 1994-1999
(Lexmark, OSU TK7870.A1.I2723, UC TK7869.I84C, UK TK7869.I183, UL TK7869.I185, UM TK5700.I58cpnb, UNC TK7869.I182, UT Main TK7800.I54)

IEEE Transactions on Computers 68-00
(OSU TK7882C5I2, UK TK7885.A1I2, UL TK7885.A1I2, UM TK5700.I58el, UNC TK7885.A1I2)

IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
(UK Eng TK 6563.I2)

IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 62,64-78,80-93
(dBi, OSU TK6540I2, UK TK6553.I15, UL TK6553.I15, UM TK5700.I58r, UNC TK6553.I15)

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 60-75,77-01
(OSU TK7870I2, UK TK7870.I2, UL TK7870.I2, UM TK5700.I58e, UNC TK7870.I2)

IEEE Transactions on Industry and General Applications
(UM TK1.A546ab, UNC TK1.I39)

IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 65-00
(OSU TK1I232, UK TK1.I39, UL TK1.I39, UM TK1.A546ab, UNC TK1.I39)

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 65-99
(OSU TK1I246, UK TK454.4M3I48, UL TK454.4.M3I48, UM TK5700.I58ma, UNC TK454.4.M3I3, UT Hodges QC501.I33)

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 55-00
(OSU TK9001I2, UK TK9001.I2, UL TK9001.I2, UM TK5700.I58nu, UNC TK9001.I2)

IEEE Transactions on Parts, Hybrids, and Packaging 78-00
(OSU TK7879A1I272, UK TK1.I530, UL film 31TK27, UM TK5700.I58cpn, UNC TK7800.I256)

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 73-00
(OSU QC717.6I3, UK TA2001.I18a, UL TA2001.I18, UM TK5700.I58pL, UNC TA2001.I18)

IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems 65-85
(OSU TK1.I25, OSU TK1.I253, UK TK2896.I1160, UL film 31TK7, UM TK1.A546p, UNC TK1.P77x)

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
(OSU TK1.I252, UK TK1.C680, UL TK1.I18, UM TK5700.I58pod, UNC TK3001.I22)

IEEE Transactions on Reliability 55-00
(OSU TK7800I27, UK TK7800.I16, UL TK7800.I16, UM TK5700.I58qu, UNC TK7800.I16)

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 75-00
(OSU QA76A1I3, UK QA76.6.I17, UL QA76.6.I17, UM TK5700.I58sof, UNC QA76.6.I17)

IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems 93

(UK TK7874.I3360)

IEEE/SEMI International Semiconductor Manufacturing Science Symposium 90-93, ,95, ,97, ,99-01
(UK Eng TK 7836.I43)

IEICE Transactions on Electronics 92-01
(UM TK5101.A1 D4243)

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (Japan) IEICE Transactions on Communications 92-01
(UM TK5101.A1D4242)

Insulation/Circuits 55-77
(OSU Book Depository TK1I55, UM TK1.I597)

Integrated System Design

Intel Technology Journal

INTERMAG (IEEE Trans Magnetics, Journal of Applied Physics)
(OSU TK454.4M3I58 abstracts, UM TK5.I12)

International Aerospace and Ground Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity, Volume 1

International Conference on Antennas and Propagation
(UM TK7871.6.I471 1978)

International Conference on Electrostatics

International Conference on Gas Discharges

International Electron Device Meeting Digest
(OSU TK7801.I53)

International Electronic Packaging Technical Conference and Exhibition

International Integrated Reliability Workshop Final Report

Int Phys Conf
* Wilson v 48 1979 p 73-83

International Symposium for Testing & Failure Analysis

International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility
(dBi, UM TK5.I12)

International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering
* Singer 5th 1987

International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility 98,00
* Vick 1996 p 596-599

IRE Transactions on Electron Devices
(UM TK5700.I58e, UNC TK7870.I2)


Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
(OSU TA4.J34, OSU TA4J343, OSU TA4J3433, UK C/P QC1.J39, UM QC1.J345, UNC QC1.J28)

(UM TK7800.J24)

Joint Computer Conference Proceedings 75-87
(OSU TK7885.A1J6, UC TK7885.A1J6, UK Math 510.78J6683, UL QA76.J65, UNC TK7885.A1J6)

Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference (OSU TK454.4M3I58 abstracts)

Journal of Applied Physics
(OSU QC1P5742, UK C/P Qc1.J83, UL QC1.J83, UM QC1.J863, UNC QC1.J83)

Journal of Design Automation & Fault-Tolerant Computing
(OSU TK7888.3.J6, UM TK7888.3.J86)

Journal of Electrostatics 75-00
(OSU web journal QC571.J86, UC QC570.J68, UM QC570.J86 2nd&3rd, UNC QC570.J68, UT Main QC570.J68)

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology
(OSU TJ940A1J6, UK C/P TJ940.J67, UL TJ940.J6, UM QC1.J886, UNC TJ940.J67)

Kimmel Gerke Bullets

Linear Technology

Machine Design
(UL TJ1.M15, UNC TJ1.M15)

Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
* Kimmel "Protecting Medical Devices from Electrostatic Discharge" May 1994 p 196

Medical Electronics Manufacturing

Microelectronics and Reliability
(UK King TK 7870.M456 has 1964-1981)

Microelectronics II not applicable
(OSU ref patent area TK7874.M4794 1993, UK Young periodicals service desk C21.25:M58/v.2, )

Microelectronics Reliability Journal
(OSU web journal TK7871.85.M5175, UNC TK7870.M456)


Microprocessors and Microsystems 78-Nov 02
(UM QA75.5.M626B, UNC QA76.5.M522)

Microwave Journal
(OSU TK7800.M5, UC TK7876.M5345, UK TK7876.M536, UM TK7815.A1M62,
UT TK7800.M5)

Microwave Product Digest

Microwaves & RF
(OSU TK7800.M542, UC TK7800.M54, UK TK7800.M54, UT TK7800.M542)

Military Electronics/Countermeasures
* McAteer June 1979

* Chase v 14 no 1 1996 p 22

National Aerospace & Electronics Conference

Nepcon/West Conference
(UM TK7870.N29)

PC Fab

Personal Engineering

Physica Scripta
(OSU QC1P563, UK C/P QC1.P392, UL QC1.P392, UNC QC1.P392)

Physical Review
(UK C/P QC1.P4, UL QC1.P4, UM QC1.P5812155, UNC QC1.P4)

Plastic Design & Proces
* Portable Metallizing Sytem Apr 1978

Plastics Design Forum
* Shielding Against Mar/Apr 1979
* Litman Mar/Apr 1981 p 68-81

Plastics Technology
(OSU TP986A1P72, UL TP986.A1P529, UNC TP1101.P557)

Plastics World
(OSU MAIN oversize floor 5 TP986A1P74 1943-1974, UL TP1101.P562)

(OSU Book Depository TS670A1A5)
* Lordi v 54 Apr 1967 p 382-384
* McBride v 59 Sept 1972 p 858-860

Polymer Engineering and Science 65-00
(OSU TP986A1S7, UK TP986.A1.S5722, UL TP1101.P564)

Portable Design
* Russell Feb 1999 "power Protection Comes to Fore in Today's Shrinking System Designs"

(UK King TJ1.P68, UM TJ1.P887)

Power Conversion & Intelligent Motion

Power Conversion Proceedings
* Clark, O. M., "Immunization Solid State Controls from Electrical Overstress," Oct. 1990, pp. 77-81

Power Electronics
* Clark, O. M., "Transient Voltage Suppresser: Types and Applications," 1990, pp. 20-26.

* Maytum v 5 no 1 Jan 1989 p 43-44

Printed Circuit Design

Proceedings of the Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium 72-02
(UK TS173.R43, UM TS173.R37, UM TK5.I12, UM TS173.R43, UT Hodges TA168.A3)

Proceedings of the Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting 87-93, ,95-02
(UK Eng TK7874.B57)

Proceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Design Conference 80-02
(UK Eng TK7874.C865)

Proceedings of the 1976 GOMAC Conference
(UK TK7874.G580)
* Hinkernell Nov 1976 pp. 350-353

Proc of the 5th Int Conf on Software Eng
(OSU QA76.6.I54 2-hour loan, UK QA76.6.N373a 76-02, UNC QA76.6.N373a)
* "A Robust B-tree implementation" San Diego, CA Mar 9-12, 1981 p 63-70

Proceedings of the IEEE 63-00
(OSU TK6540I5, UK TK5700.I6, UL TK5700.W5, UM TK5700.I58, UNC TK5700.I6)

Proc IEEE Custom Circuits Conf 94-00
(OSU TK7874.C87, UK TK7874.C865, UM TK5.I12, UNC TK7874.C865)
* Neelakantaswamy 1986 p 400-403 "MOS Scaling Effects on ESD-Based Failures"

Proceedings IEEE Southeastcon
(OSU TK5.I228 94-02, UC TK7801.I56 00, -->UK TK5.I32<--, UK TK5.I320, UK TK5.I3848, UK TK4001.I3, UK TK7801.I26, UK TK7801.S64, UL TK5.I3848, UM TK5.I12, UNCTK5.I3848, UT TK5.I3848)

Proc Int Symp on High Voltage
* Pommerenke 8th 1993

Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Test and Measurement

Proceedings of the International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems, and Applications

Proceedings Int Symp Testing and Failure Analysis 78-63,86,89
(OSU TK7870.A3822, UNC TK7871.I58)
* Rutter 1988 p 111

Proceedings of the 1982 MIDCON Convention
* Byrne 1982 session 28/4 p 1-13

Proceedings of the 1980 WESCON
(OSU TK7800.W42, UK TK7800.W111, UM TK5.I12, UM TK7815.A1W12)

(UL TS156.A1Q33, UNC TS156.A1Q33)

Quality and Reliability Engineering International

Radio and Electronic Engineer 63-?
(UK TK6540.R33, UL TK6540.R2623, UM TK6540.B84, UNC TK6540.B838)

RCA Review 36-86
(OSU TK6540R27, UK King storage TK6540.R12, UL TK6540.R12, UM TK6540.R112, UNC TK6540.R12)

Review of Scientific Instruments
(UK Chem/Phys QC255.O6, UM Q184.R4, UNC Q184.R5)

Revue Generale de l'Electricite

RF Design
* Gerke Nov 1988 p 65-71

SAE Transactions
(UK TL1.S6, UL TL1.S6, UM TL1.S68, UNC TL1.S6)

Semiconductor Device Reliability
* DeChiaro Series E v 175 1989 p 379-412

Semiconductor International
(UL TK7871.85.S464, UNC TK7871.85)
* Unger Aprl 1982

Semiconductor Science and Technology
(UK Chem QC610.9.S450)


SMTA International Proceedings 2000

Society of Plastics Engineers, Conference Proceedings at Antec 89,96-02
(OSU TP1105S62, UM TP986.A1 S677)

Software and Microsystems

Solid State Electronics 73-93
(OSU TK7872S4S57, UK King storage TK7872.S4S546, UL TK7872.S4S546, UNC TK7871.85.S64, UNC TK7872.S4S546)

Solid State Technology 68-00
(UK TK7872.S4S45, UL TK7872.S4S44, UNC TK7872.S4S65)

Southcon Conference Record
(OSU TK5S68, UK TK5.S67, UM TK5.I12, UT Main TK5.S68)
* Welsher 1989

(OSU TK5.I228, UK TK5.I32, UK TK5.I3848, UK TK7801.I26, UK TK7801.S64, UM TK5.I12)
* Watson 1983 pp. 27-30

Soviet Physics-- Technical Physics
(OSU QC1Z651, UL QC1.S795, UNC QC1.Z472)

Symposium on Electromagnetic Security for Information Protection

TDK Tech Briefs

Technical Digest International Electron Devices Meeting 80-93,95-02
(UK TK7800.I580)

Test & Measurement World
(UNC TK7869.T47)

Topical Meeting on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging 94-01
(UC TK7870.15.E382, UM TK5.I12, UNC TK7870.15.T66)
* check out!

UK EMC Journal

Understanding ESD in Magnetic Recording
* Wallash May 22, 1997 p. 101
* Cheung May 22, 1997
* Kimball p. 89-100

WESCON Conference Record
(UM TK5.I12)

Wireless Design

Wireless Systems Design


3M-- checked

Analog Devices-- checked

AVX-- checked

California Micro Devices-- checked

Cherry Semiconductor

Chomerics-- checked

Cooper Electronic Technologies-- checked

Dallas Semiconductor-- checked

Electronic Industries Association-- checked

Electrostatic Discharge Association-- checked

General Semiconductor-- checked

IBM-- checked

Intel-- checked

International Rectifier-- checked

Ion Systems-- checked

Keytek-- checked

Linear Technology-- checked

Littlefuse-- checked

Maxim-- checked

Microchip-- checked

Microsemi-- checked

Motorola-- checked

National Semiconductor-- checked

Novx Corp.-- checked

Philips-- checked

ProTek-- checked

Semtech-- checked

SGS-Thomson-- checked

Simco-- checked

Teccor Electronics-- checked

Tecknit-- checked

Texas Instruments-- checked

Zilog-- checked


RAC Electrostatic Discharge Susceptibility Data
(OSU TK7867.E425 1991)


DGS 250B Naval Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard

(Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard for Medical Devices MDS-201-0004 not applicable UK Young 5th HE20.4302E12)

IEEE "Guide on ESD from personnel and small mobile furnishing"

IEEE Standards Collection: Surge Protection, C62.

IEEE Standard C62.47-1992 IEEE Guide on Electrostatic discharge

IPC-TP-S16-1, March 1999, Michael Jouppi

ISO/TC22/SC3/WG3 Paper N 260 Road Vehicles Electrical Interference from Electrostatic Discharges

King, Michael, "Report on EMI Susceptibility, Cornell Dubilier, Dec. 1983? 1973?

King. W. Michael, "EMI Susceptibility Requirements" Dec 1973 1-9

NES 529 Nuclear Hardening Guide

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VZAP-95C ESD Susceptibility Data software, Windows 95/NT.

dBi Corporation was a one-man test house (testing laboratory) based in Lexington, Kentucky, testing a wide variety of commercial electronic products for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electrostatic discharge (ESD) under its ISO 17025 accreditation. dBi was founded in Winchester, Kentucky in 1995 by Donald R. Bush, shortly after he retired from 30 years service with IBM Lexington's/ Lexmark's EMC Lab. John R. Barnes, who'd worked with Don at IBM Lexington and Lexmark, bought dBi in 2002 after Don's death, and moved the company to Lexington, Kentucky. John closed dBi at 11:59pm EDT on September 30, 2013, because ObamaCrap had increased operating expenses to the point that we could no longer afford to remain in business.

We'd like to thank all of the clients who chose dBi to test their products from 1995 to 2013. Below is a brief summary of our accomplishments during the 18 years we were in business.

From 1995 to 2001, under Don Bush's ownership and operation, dBi:

From 2002 to 2013, under John Barnes' ownership and operation, dBi:

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